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July 28, 2022

Recruitment 101: How Kibbi can help employers with hiring needs

It is cheap!

When you post a job ad on Kbbi, you can pay for as many ads as possible and have your logo highlighted and advertised on the job map to job-seekers. Kibbi allows you to manage your job posts effectively, saving money while attracting applicants who are the right fit for your vacancy.

It's immediate

Once someone applies for your job ad, you can view all candidate profiles by simply swiping left and right. Left means not interested, and correct meaning interested and would like to set up an interview or phone call. This can help you either increase the speed of the hiring process or allow you to focus on your business. 

You can reach a larger audience

Kibbi is growing across North America, with more and more users gaining access every day, with the interaction with Kibbi being exceptionally high. Therefore, you are gaining exposure to a vast potential pool of applicants.

Suppose you are looking for younger recruits in particular. In that case, Kibbi is the most effective and efficient strategy possible as the job map allows them to view your business if close to their desired location and allows your job posting to stand out to the stated age group. 

It's easy

Anyone can post a job advertisement on Kibbi. It takes less than five minutes to set up your process and is user-friendly. 

On the flip side, as soon as you post a job, the applicant can see it on the app, making it quick and painless for interested parties to apply. Avoid those long emails or written submissions that take too long to look over and increase the rate of efficiency when hiring by using Kibbi.

Create your job post to stand out

Posting a job Kibbi gives you a chance to be more creative with your ad, such as personalizing every post and having your logo highlighted and displayed to all Kibbi users on the job map. It is an inexpensive and innovative way to fill the working needs of your company in a few clicks. 

It's reliable 

The flexibility and reliability in posting and viewing applications you receive are effortless. Kibbi notifications send you a message anytime someone views or apply to your job posting, making it more efficient than looking through your emails or logging into another app to see if anyone has used it. Kibbi posts will allow you to edit, update or remove your job post whenever you wish.

Expedite hiring workers

Make the job search short with Kibbi. With our easy swiping feature and location-focused app, you can be assured of filling your company's needs fast. You can shortlist the best applicants as their applications come in and set up interviews directly in the app.