What is Kibbi+

An inclusive employment initiative involving a Muslim woman resettled in a new country, using a smartphone.
A bearded man with a smartphone looking for work in inclusive employment.
A man holding a cell phone.
A woman looking to hire holding up a phone and showing the thumbs up sign.
A woman is holding up her phone.
A man with a backpack holding a cell phone in Calgary.
A man holding up a phone with the word "kiba" - new arrival.
A woman laughing while holding a cell phone, looking to hire.

Welcome to the New World of Work!

Making Employment More Inclusive

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A man carrying a briefcase seeking inclusive employment.

We're here to...

Help newcomers find meaningful work near them and gain new skills.
A new arrival shaking hands with a woman in an office.
Connect businesses and organizations to new arrivals in the local area.
A new arrival Muslim woman wearing a hijab is looking for work in an office.
Make migration and resettlement more secure, inclusive, and accessible.

Learn About Our App

GPS-enabled housekeeping app providing job opportunities and employment options for hiring.A screenshot of a conversation between a hotel employee and a customer in Calgary.A mobile phone with a yellow screen.A screenshot of the inclusive employment app on an iPhone for hiring individuals during resettlement.A mobile app displaying job opportunities in Calgary.



Locate nearby jobs and resources in the palm of your hand.



Make direct connections across 60+ languages with Kibbi chat.



Access or create messages, resumes, and postings across languages.



See search results that fit exactly what you’re looking for



Enter basic info, and we generate your profile, resume, and cover letter.


What happens when newcomers
secure jobs easily?


Host countries benefit that much more from their contributions.


New arrivals receive the secure welcome that they deserve.


Speeding up the hiring process creates economic growth.


All of the above!

Let’s put employment to work… for everybody!

200+ Participating Employers

Calgary Hotel



Super 8


Kal Tire



Waves Coffee House

Four Points by Sheraton

50+ Partner Organizations

ACCES Employment

Alberta Security Hub

Catholic Crosscultural Services

Centre for Newcomers


Fisher Law

Jumpstart Refugee Talent



Ontario Security Hub




A turban-wearing man proficiently operating a cell phone and seeking inclusive employment opportunities.Job opportunities for a cartoon penguin with wings on a white background.

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