What is Kibbi+

Our Origin Story…

We began as a closely knit group of new Canadians and international students. After relocating, each of us struggled to land permanent jobs. We decided to develop an app to make the job market more accessible and inclusive. Thanks to our early success, Kibbi now hires talented staff (including migrants) to support our mission.

A group of women with hijabs posing in front of a pink background, representing inclusive employment opportunities for new arrivals.
By connecting newcomers with local jobs and resources, we help them participate in their new communities much more quickly.
A group of people looking at a computer screen while hiring.

What Kibbi Means to Us…

Like many other experiments with social organization, we believe in making opportunities accessible to everyone.

A group of people forming a circle.

Who is Peeky?

A new arrival logo featuring a white and yellow penguin on a yellow background.

Our logo shows an Arctic Tern named Peeky. A friendly little creature. And swift!

Peeky spends many days flying far from land, over open ocean waters. Peeky loves gliding on high winds and chasing the sun. Every year, Peeky flies around the entire world—visiting every continent and every ocean. Along the way, Peeky mixes with other terns and different types of sea birds.

All this reminds us of Kibbi’s growing community. They represent many different parts of the world and form strong connections wherever they go.

Meet Our FLock...

A new arrival penguin with wings flying in the air.
An asian woman looking to hire posing with her arms crossed in front of a yellow background.

The Kibbi team follows HP’s founding vision, international experience, and love for solving problems. Her heroes are her inspirational grandmother and the Incredible Edna Mode.

Hong Phuc Nguyen
(Head Cheerleader)

A woman looking for work with blond hair and glasses in a pink frame.

With deep knowledge of commerce and psychology, she crafts content that connects. Kamilla loves glamorous productions and collecting behind-the-scenes insights.

Kamilla Bekbulatova
(Social Maven)

A new arrival sitting in front of an orange background.
He keeps Kibbi’s house in order and our flock on track. Besides guiding our team to new heights, Belal is busily raising his own little hatchling at home.

Belal Soubar
(Professor X)

An inclusive employment candidate is smiling in front of a green background.

He helps us grow our audience and expand the mission while living in Canada, Mexico, and online. Dave’s passions are outdoor adventuring, time with his family, and volunteering as a firefighter.

Dave Hick
(Growth Spurt)

A woman looking for work wearing a white shirt and blue background.
Our in-house community organizer, she unites the people and groups who support newcomers. Outside of work, Han loves caring for five (count them, five) adopted dogs.

Han Tran
(Connection Catalyst)

A man in a suit and tie looking for work in front of a purple background.
Casting spells in code, he transforms Kibbi’s dreams into user-friendly experiences. Danny loves making beautiful music on his kalimba, xylophone, or motorcycle engine.

Danny Nguyen
(Mister Magic)

An Asian man smiling in front of an orange background, showcasing job opportunities.
Designer and architect to the stars, he keeps the Kibbi app flying smoothly. Dien began coding by creating a software to tell fortunes. Whatever will he get up to next?!

Dien Nguyen
(Stealth Ninja)

A woman with glasses looking for work posing in front of a yellow background.
She makes sure Kibbi’s app meets the needs of our diverse users. Thu loves touring art galleries and riding her motorbike into the mountains to see plum blossoms (not for sale).

Thu Nguyen
(The Good Witch of UX)

A man in a white shirt showcasing employment opportunities.
He keeps Kibbi’s platform and new features flying high. A new university grad, Nhan wants to become a great cook. He can already steam seafood with the best of them. Yum!

Nhan Thai
(Java Master)

A woman with long blonde hair smiling in front of a blue background, representing job opportunities in Calgary.

She builds the beautiful bridges that keep our Kibbi team connected. Kassandra lives for summer camping trips with her two dogs, who scare away all the bugs.

Kassandra Sharron
(Miss Fixer)

200+ Participating Employers

Calgary Hotel



Super 8


Kal Tire



Waves Coffee House

Four Points by Sheraton

50+ Partner Organizations

ACCES Employment

Alberta Security Hub

Catholic Crosscultural Services

Centre for Newcomers


Fisher Law

Jumpstart Refugee Talent



Ontario Security Hub