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Whether you pilot a small business or large corporation, we have a plan to suit your needs.


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Pay-as-You-Go Subscription ($49.00)

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High Flyer Plan ($149.00/mo)

Up to 5 active jobs monthly
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Glider Package ($599.00/mo.)

Unlimited job postings
Unlimited candidate browsing
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Why Hire With Kibbi?

A woman looking for work shaking hands with another woman in an office, promoting inclusive employment.

Hiring for a cause...

New arrivals are famously enthusiastic and loyal employees. Even so, they face barriers to landing meaningful work. Hiring through Kibbi makes migration a more secure and welcoming experience for anyone
you interview or select.
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Making positive change…

Selecting candidates through Kibbi advances your DEI initiatives and ESG reporting. Our Job Seekers come from all over the world. They bring new perspectives, profound experiences, and a strong determination to contribute to their new countries.
A magnifying glass over a group of wooden cubes with new arrivals.

Automated tasks…

Our app simplifies the recruitment and hiring process by connecting you with qualified applicants. It can also generate professional job ads and descriptions for you, freeing up more time for core business tasks.
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A global solution…

Many newcomers have limited French or English ability. That’s why our platform translates your postings and messages into 60+ languages. When official-language fluency is not required, Kibbi can dramatically expand your pool of qualified applicants.
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Boosting recruitment…

Kibbi collaborates with businesses to create advertising campaigns tailored to their target audiences. We promote your opportunities online, in print, through events… whatever it takes to maximize returns on our marketing support.
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Securing Staff for Less…

Tap into an under-served population of dedicated workers at a fraction of what competing job boards charge. We have a zero-cost option for small businesses, because we believe strongly in the people we work with and the benefits of hiring newcomers.
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Locate nearby jobs and resources in the palm of your hand.



Make direct connections across 60+ languages with Kibbi chat.



Access or create messages, resumes, and postings across languages.



See search results that fit exactly what you’re looking for



Enter basic info, and we generate your profile, resume, and cover letter.


What happens when newcomers
secure jobs easily?


Host countries benefit that much more from their contributions.


New arrivals receive the secure welcome that they deserve.


Speeding up the hiring process creates economic growth.


All of the above!

Let’s put employment to work… for everybody!

50+ Partner Organizations

ACCES Employment

Alberta Security Hub

Catholic Crosscultural Services

Centre for Newcomers


Fisher Law

Jumpstart Refugee Talent



Ontario Security Hub




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