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September 29, 2023

Living and working in Canada: What is WorkSafeBC and why you should care

Are you a worker in British Columbia (BC)? Wondering what WorkSafeBC is? or what rights you have as an employee? Do you know how to make a claim if something happens while you're on the job? Don't worry, because we've got all the information you need. Let's dive into WorkSafeBC and find out everything there is to know about making a claim, your rights as a worker, and more.

What is WorkSafeBC?

WorkSafeBC is an independent provincial agency that provides health and safety services across British Columbia. They provide no-fault insurance to workers in case of injury or death while they are at work. They also provide employers with resources such as safety plans, accident prevention programs, and more to help reduce the risk of workplace injury or death. This ensures that employers understand their responsibilities when it comes to keeping their employees safe at work.

Making a claim with WorkSafeBC

In the event of an injury or illness due to work-related activities, workers can make a claim with WorkSafeBC for compensation for lost wages, medical treatment costs, rehabilitation costs, and other costs associated with the incident. Workers can make claims either online or through the mail. Once a claim has been made, it will be reviewed by an adjudicator who will decide whether or not the worker is eligible for compensation from WorkSafeBC.

Rights as a worker in BC

As a worker in BC, it is important to know your rights when it comes to workplace safety. According to provincial law, employees have the right to refuse unsafe work without fear of reprisal from their employer; they also have the right to access any health and safety information that relates specifically to them; they must be informed of any hazards in their workplace; they must be provided with any protective clothing necessary for their role; and they must be given adequate training in how best to perform their job safely.

Learning about WorksafeBC is essential for everyone living in British Columbia who works for someone else or owns a business themselves. Knowing what rights you have as an employee can help keep you safe at work; understanding how making claims works means you are prepared should something go wrong; and having access to resources like safety plans helps create a safer working environment overall. It's always important to stay up-to-date on your knowledge around WorkSafeBC so that everyone remains safe while working!