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December 29, 2022

Living and working in Canada: Resignation formalities – How to serve two weeks notice

If you decide to leave your job, you must know how to give two weeks' notice properly and professionally. This is an essential step in leaving on good terms with your manager and colleagues and setting yourself up for success in future opportunities. Here's everything you need to know about giving two weeks' notice.

Writing your letter of resignation

When it comes time to write your letter of resignation, you should keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, be sure that your language is polite and professional. You must thank your employer for all the experiences you had during your time at the company. Make sure to include the date of your last day in the letter and any other pertinent details, such as vacation days or remaining sick days. Finally, mention any transition tasks you plan to complete before leaving, such as helping train new staff members or transferring customer accounts to another employee.

Talking with your manager

Once you have written your resignation letter, it's time to talk with your manager about leaving. First, have a conversation about when would be best for them if you quit – this could range from a couple of days after they receive the letter up until two weeks later, depending on their needs and requirements. Next, ask if there is anything special they need from you before leaving; this could range from training someone else on customer accounts or ensuring projects wrap up nicely before departing. Additionally, take this opportunity to ask any questions related to benefits or salary information since these topics often get overlooked when exiting companies regardless of advance notice given!

Quitting your job can be a stressful experience but giving two weeks' notice is an essential part of leaving gracefully and professionally. First, follow proper protocol by writing a thoughtful letter of resignation that includes all relevant details like dates and transition tasks being completed before departure. Then schedule a meeting with your manager to discuss particulars related to when it may be best for them if you left and what tasks may need completion during those last two weeks at work. Considering these steps when quitting your job will ensure a smooth transition and help set yourself up for success in future opportunities!