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July 26, 2022

Job search 101: How to prepare for job applications as a youth with no experience

Getting a job as a youth can be challenging, especially when you have no experience working yet. It is a stressful time figuring out how to write a resume, when you will hear back from employers, or what types of questions will be in the interview. Throughout the process, it is important to stay calm and know that you will eventually become employed and begin your journey working. Kibbi has collected some essential tips to help you find your first job:
Make sure you are ready
The number one thing before you start applying for a job is, do you have the time for that. Youth struggle often when having school, homework, home life and extracurricular activities. Suppose you feel like you are unable to find time during the school year. That is okay. We recommend that we look for summer employment to avoid time management stress.

Build your resume

Nowadays, every job you apply for will require you to use a resume. Simply, a resume is something that employers look at to see if your background fits their culture and job needs. A resume builds throughout your entire life, so do not worry about not having work experience to start your resume. When starting, you want to showcase any volunteer work through school, family or extracurricular activities.
Additionally, adding academic accomplishments/grades or extracurricular awards is helpful. Finally, if it applies to the job, add things like shoveling or gardening, babysitting, dog walking, or painting. Any little added highlight can go a long way in helping you secure the job!
This is sometimes the easiest way to get a job when a youth. Networking is when you reach out to friends and family to see if they know of anyone hiring or can point you in the right direction to land a job. Asking a friend who is already employed or a sibling to see that business could give you another worker is a perfect opportunity. You can also ask those same friends or siblings how they got their job and what their resumes looked like for guidance. Finally, do not forget to ask teachers or coaches because the greater your network reach and seize the opportunities, the better the chances one of them has an option for you.

Master the interview process

Think ahead and be prepared when you get an interview. The best way to prepare is to ask your family questions they were asked in interviews throughout their lives. The more questions you are ready for, you will be prepared. Furthermore, you will want to google common interview questions and be 100 percent confident in those answers. Please do some research about the company, the more knowledge you can prove to employers will show them your desire and internet to work for them. The final tip is to dress professionally and keep positive body language throughout.

Not getting a job? Join Kibbi!

Being a youth with little to no experience is tough when competing with stronger candidates for a job. If you do not get the job, make sure you ask follow-up questions and things they suggest about your resume or interview process. Do not get discouraged and take not getting a job as an opportunity to better yourself and your interviewing and resume skills. Continue to put your resume out there, and trust that you will get a job!
Being on Kibbi as a youth allows you to see entry-level positions near you on your map. Forget trying to search up where a company is on other job websites. Kibbi even shows you how long it will take from different transportation methods. Kibbi makes you feel induced in the job search, unlike the leading job applications. Kibbi helps build your resume in under four steps. Kibbi will help you get employed!