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Why is hiring so hard?
July 26, 2022

Job search 101: How to find a job with no experience

Coming to Canada comes with a lot of new things and standards to learn. This guide will help you adapt to Canada's working conditions and industry. 

Where to apply?

Thousands of jobs are posted around you daily. It can be highly time-consuming to comb through them for your perfect fit. That is why the Kibbi job map shows you who is hiring near, with crucial information like pay, job type, part-time or full-time and how to get to that job from your location. You want to apply to jobs that best fit your experience and that you want to work for. 

If you haven't moved or bought a house, it is essential to consider where to live and if there is a solid job market near your home. Additionally, studying the labour market information online will allow you to see precisely what job industries are hiring and what job industries are growing for the future. 

Job search in Canada: Things to stay on top of

The workplace from province to province is different from your previous country. You may be considered a highly skilled worker where you come from, but you might need more training and certification in Canada. Make sure you check out training and experience to get a job in Alberta or any province you attempt to work in. 

Immigrant info

Check out The Government of Canada website to get your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and assess your credentials.


Social media is a pivotal place to network and hear of new jobs and also help you expand your network and connect with opportunities. A great start would be signing up for LinkedIn, a business professional media design to connect people. You may want to show that you are open to networking and highlight your past achievements. 

If you go out and meet someone, add them on social media and connect with those whom they follow. This is why you expand your network and increase your presence on social media. Finally, there are hundreds of networking events in Calgary and Canada-wide. Simply search on google to find out more. 


Even if you have just moved here, ask your previous boss for a letter of recommendation, and translate it into English if necessary. This will not guarantee you a job, but it might show your passion and willingness to work, giving you a better chance of moving on to the job interview. \

The interview

Think ahead and be prepared when you get an interview. The best way to prepare is to ask your family questions they were asked in interviews throughout their lives. The more questions you are prepared for, you will be prepared. Furthermore, you will want to google common interview questions and be 100 percent confident in those answers. Please do some research about the company, the more knowledge you can prove to employers will show them your desire and internet to work for them. 

Additionally, it is essential to remember to dress and have positive body language such as smiling and sitting/standing upright. 

If you mess up during a question, that is okay. It is only one question. Stay positive and move on to the next question. Hiring managers are simply trying to learn a little about you and then let the resume do the rest, so stay sharp and have fun with the interview. 

Not getting a job? Join Kibbi

Being a newcomer with little to no experience in Canada is tough when competing with stronger candidates for a job. If you do not get the job, make sure you ask follow-up questions and things they suggest about your resume or interview process. Do not get discouraged and take not getting a job as an opportunity to better yourself and your interviewing and resume skills. Continue to put your resume out there, and trust that you will get a job!

Being on Kibbi as a newcomer allows you to see entry-level positions near you on your own map. Forget trying to search up where a company is on other job websites. Kibbi even shows you how long it will take from different transportation methods. Kibbi makes you feel induced in the job search, unlike the other leading job applications. Finally, Kibbi allows you to translate into over 60 languages and helps build your resume in under four steps. Kibbi will help you get employed!