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July 27, 2022

How to find a job in Canada: Tips and resources

Exploring the Canadian job bank

This tool can help you search for jobs posted by employers across Canada. You can get matched with a job based on your credentials and work experience. 

Government job in Canada

‍Working for the government benefits you with healthcare, dental, disability, and vacation days. Find current job postings for the government by simply searching “Canadian government job.” 

How to spot a fake job offer

Job offer fraud is on the rise, especially in the world of immigration:

You should know that asking someone to pay for a Canadian job or a job offer letter is illegal. Any job offer letter should have the company’s official letterhead and contact information.

A recruiter or agency typically charges the employer to find workers for them. You should never pay a recruiter to secure a Canadian job offer. Fraudulent recruiters are usually after your money or your personal information.

Always do your research and check out the companies you are applying to first or any that reach out to you. 

you can trust that there will be zero falsified or scammed job listing on the Kibbi app.

Applying for a job in Canada

The following five steps will guide you through applying for a job in Canada

Update your resume or CV and cover letter

A resume is where you put details like education, achievements, and employment history. Your resume and cover letter are often the first things an employer looks at. It is essential to make an excellent first impression. Your cover letter should explain why you are suitable for the job. Kibbi can help you create your resume and make sure to personalize your cover letter for every job you apply for. 


Spend time researching companies where you think you would like to work. You can visit their websites to get an idea of the company culture and to find out about any job openings.

Use social media to your advantage

Social media is a powerful networking tool and a way to find job postings. Use hashtag searches like #jobposting, #we’rehiring, and #needajob. These will help you with your job search.


Strong references help employers learn more about you and your employment history. This can be a valuable resource when job hunting. Asking previous employers in your home country to provide references can go a long way to landing a job in Canada.

Follow up

Whenever you apply for a job, wait for three to four business days and check in with the employer about your application. Follow-ups can also be after an interview to thank them for their consideration and that you look forward to hearing from them again.