What is Kibbi+

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July 26, 2022

Exploring career paths: How to find entry-level jobs in Canada

Choose jobs near you

Using Kibbi will allow you to set the location of where you want to work. Then using the Kibbi map, you'll be able to see precisely what businesses are hiring near you. Staying within a specific range from your house, school, or the desired location will allow you to walk or bike to work. Being able to have those transportation options available makes getting to work much more accessible than always relying on a partner or other driver. 

Ask for help 

Check with your school guidance office, teachers, and coaches. The more you network and get out there, the better chance you will have of finding someone to hire you. Make sure your Kibbi resume is downloaded into a QR code for easy scanning when you meet people interested in your experience. Kibbi resume maker only takes four steps and will increase your odds of getting employment. 

Target the right industries

When you want to start getting formal work experience, the standard industry sectors that hire workers without experience include hospitality, recreation, camps, food service, retail sales, and landscaping. 

Those jobs are easy for businesses to train new employees, and there is always a market for jobs in those industries. The best time to apply for those jobs is at the end of spring. That is because there is always a need for more workers in the summer because of the increased demand for services based on weather and kids not having school. 

Student apprenticeship programs

If you are unsure about your resume or would like to do more school to advance your resume, consider apprenticeship programs first. These apprenticeship programs will help you get a job faster when applying because of your experience in the field you choose to do your apprenticeship. Once completed, always make sure you update your resume and check out the Kibbi job map to apply to jobs again.  ‍

Use Kibbi 

Being on Kibbi as a youth allows you to see entry-level positions near you on your map. Forget trying to search up where a company is on other job websites. Kibbi even shows you how long it will take from different transportation methods. Kibbi makes you feel induced in the job search, unlike the other leading job applications. Finally, Kibbi allows you to translate into over 60 languages and helps build your resume in under four steps. Kibbi will help you get employed!