What is Kibbi+

November 23, 2023

Employer Spotlight: Success Stories


Mindfield, one of Canada's leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) organizations, has led full-cycle recruitment programs for the country's largest retail, professional service and hospitality businesses. The company recruits for positions with a full spectrum of requirements. Some require deep experience and professional-level English or French fluency, but many do not. With that knowledge, as well as an understanding that newcomers are the fastest-growing talent segment in Canada, Mindfield wanted to find a way to reach more newcomers and promote their jobs in a way that this audience could easily find and engage with.


Employers want their employees to represent the communities they operate in, but local labour shortages negatively impact their ability to grow and prosper. Mindfield is committed to presenting its customers with diverse and qualified candidates quickly but struggles to engage newcomers due to challenges with language and lack of reach from traditional job marketing channels like career sites or job boards. 


With an initial focus on entry-level jobs promoted on Kibbi, Mindfield quickly discovered a wealth of talent. Not only were they receiving qualified applicants, but in fact, they discovered candidates with a wide range of experiences and seniority.

"Some of the positions we are recruiting for require a base-level skill set. For those jobs, we have seen the quality; it has been really strong overall. Not only do these individuals have the necessary expertise, but also a life experience that makes them excellent candidates for our jobs."

- Heather Pysklywec, Chief Operating Officer

Kibbi is unique because of the focus on newcomers. With tools like multilingual chat, job description translations and local map-based job search, the team at Mindfield quickly found that Kibbi has incredible reach into newcomer communities. It is the most effective tool they have to engage the newcomer communities in the markets they serve, and the candidates they source provide incredible value to their customers because they are local, motivated and ready to work.

"There are two things that stood out to me the most. Firstly, there is not necessarily a piece of technology that enables newcomers to Canada to interact with recruiting organizations like ours, as we recruit locally but on a national scale. Historically, that has been done through word of mouth and grassroots partnerships. So, the Kibbi platform is innovative as it enables newcomers to network directly with our organizations. That scale and the ability to tap into one of Canada’s largest pools of qualified candidates makes Kibbi stand out in our experience."

- Heather Pysklywec, Chief Operating Officer

The team has also expressed their satisfaction with candidates' ability to self-disclose how comfortable they are communicating and performing specific job responsibilities in English or French. This allowed for a different level of sourcing for a recruiter to find candidates with the required skills by leveraging the extensive filters and accessing relevant talent.


Mindfield found Kibbi to be a responsive and agile partner. Their unique recruitment and client service approach requires Kibbi to manage an automated flow of candidates for all their jobs nationally.

"Kibbi has been nothing but flexible and super down-to-earth. We've worked with a variety of different partners, which required multiple steps to get the right information. Kibbi has a great technology communication flow, and we've been able to create an incredibly seamless flow with our ATS and Kibbi. The cost structure has been really positive, and anytime we had a question, we've been able to reach out, and there has been a high degree of responsiveness."

- Heather Pysklywec, Chief Operating Officer