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Kibbi focuses on hourly and entry-level jobs, most requiring less than two years of working experience.

Whether you need a full-time member or extra weekend/event support, you can find the right candidate with Kibbi!
Kibbi is Local & Community focused

Instantly share and notify nearby job seekers

Proximity improves staff retention.

Kibbi instantly notifies job seekers within walking distance from your work location to help you staff quickly with local candidates.
Kibbi lets you

Invite candidates to your jobs

Skip the line and scoop the best talent.

You can view all nearby active job seekers or search them by skill and invite them to apply for your job, all in one place!
Kibbi is

Friendly to basic English speakers

Expand your applicant pool, and open your job listings to basic English speakers!

Kibbi notifies them of the English fluency required for the jobs, translates job listings to 60+ languages, and helps newcomers understand what the job entails.
Kibbi can

Customize an multi-channel branded recruitment campaign

We activate our local immigrant communities to alert them of your openings and tailor the message to them.

We can help you customize a 360 online - offline recruitment campaign to meet your hiring needs.
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Hear from some of our amazing stories and power users
"I downloaded Kibbi, and after 1 hour they called me and asked what kind of job I was looking for, after 2 days I was invited to an interview and immediately hired! I am very grateful to Kibbi, I will recommend it to everyone, if you want to find a job, download Kibbi!"
Iryna Hryhorchuk
Basic English Speaking Ukrainian Refugee
"One of my clients recently got employed using the Kibbi app! This was his comment:
The Kibbi app you shared before works wonders! I believe that employers are much more active there, since I was hired through the app! Again, thanks for sharing such an innovative app! I have had lots of clients use the app especially since you can search specific areas, it has been very helpful."
Sidney McConnell
Employment Specialist -Prospect Human Services Society
"Ultra Shine's partnership with the Kibbi significantly simplifies our hiring process. Kibbi helps reduce the impact of one frequently encountered barrier within the hiring process: many applicants live too far away from job sites to reasonably commute and must refuse jobs with unsustainable commute distances. Employee retention is significantly better when employees' commutes are easier! Kibbi selects qualified candidates within reasonable commuting distance of the job site, then sends those resumes our way, often with additional, helpful information about the applicant. We have seen great success using their services, and plan to continue indefinitely. Thank you, Kibbi!"
Talent Acquisition Team
Hire local candidates at a fraction of the cost of the lowest competing job board!
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