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June 14, 2024

Enhancing Newcomer Services Through Technology - The NewTO and Kibbi Partnership


Kibbi Technologies is proud to partner with JVS Toronto, a leading non-profit employment agency, to revitalize the NewTO app.  Leveraging Kibbi's expertise in workforce development technology, this collaboration aims to support the integration process for immigrants by providing a digital hub that connects newcomers to essential social services and community programs in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). 


Kibbi Technologies is dedicated to connecting new Canadians with local employment opportunities through innovative technology solutions. By partnering with employment agencies to support their workforce development projects, we have helped over 25,000 job seekers and facilitated more than 84,000 job applications to date.

JVS Toronto, a cornerstone in employment services and community development, leads the Toronto North Local Immigration Partnership (TNLIP), a multi-sectoral planning table focused on supporting immigrant settlement and integration.

The Challenge

The initial NewTO app, while innovative, required significant updates in terms of user interface, functionality, and the accuracy of real-time resource searches. There was a need for an improved platform that could provide newcomers with quick, reliable access to a wide range of services, ensuring a smoother integration into their new community.

The Solution

The collaboration with Kibbi led to substantial enhancements in the NewTO app, making it a vital tool for newcomers in the GTA. 

The improved app now features:

  • Service Categorization and Mapping: Services are organized into relevant categories such as housing, employment, healthcare, education, and legal aid. The mapping feature displays these services based on the user's current location.
  • Contact Management: Users can save service contacts directly to their phone's contact list as well as on the app.
  • Access to Service Websites: Direct links to service websites offer more information and online resources.
  • Comprehensive Information: Detailed guides on available services help newcomers understand and access resources efficiently.

"Our collaboration with JVS Toronto aligns perfectly with our vision of supporting newcomers in their journey towards integration and success. The NewTO app represents a significant step forward in utilizing technology to connect people with the resources they need to thrive." 

— HP Nguyen, the Founder & CEO of Kibbi Technologies

The revitalization of the NewTO app has had a profound impact on the newcomer community in the GTA. Key benefits include:

  • Improved User Experience: The new interface is more intuitive and user-friendly, reducing the time and effort required to find essential services.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Real-time search functionality ensures newcomers have access to the most up-to-date information.
  • Increased Efficiency: The app's comprehensive and categorized service listings make it easier for users to find what they need quickly.

Our collaboration with Kibbi Technologies has been a pivotal step in enhancing the support available to newcomers.  The NewTO app will play a crucial role in helping newcomers navigate their new environment and access necessary services to build a strong foundation for their future in the GTA

– Irene Vaksman, Vice President of Stakeholder Engagement at JVS Toronto

The partnership between Kibbi Technologies and JVS Toronto demonstrates the power of technology in transforming newcomer services. The NewTO app's success highlights the capabilities of technological innovation in improving service delivery and enhancing user experience and serves as a testament to Kibbi's potential to support other cities and agencies across Canada in their efforts to integrate newcomers efficiently.